Curriculum Vitae

Paul van Mook

Admiraal de Ruijterweg 168-II
1056 GX Amsterdam

Date of birth: 25-7-1959, Amsterdam, NL
0031 (0)20 612 617 1

1981–1986 Gerrit Rietveld Academy (Academy for Art and design) in Amsterdam

Paul van Mook is a visual artist and musician who lives and works in Amsterdam.
Since gratuating from the art academy he makes sculptures and installations, which have been presented at several different locations. Some of his works are part of private collections. The diversity in form and material characterizes his work.
Allthough the works have an esthetic appearance, imperfection is an important component.

The initial concept can be a thought, a memory or an object, associated with topics from history, religion, literature or philosophy, developing into an investigation of traces.
With great precision the elements will be collected, made or reproduced.
This collecting of materials stretches over a longer period.
In the process of arranging coincidence plays an essential role.

The disturbed mental space where all kind off excesses occur; searching for the delicate balance of human existence and identity; the ‘condition humain’; how does one relate to; are the fields in which the main theme’s of his work are enclosed in.